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Beyond Venus: Voyage to Osun

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I found God again through sex, sounds, (p)sychs, + the stars. 

Like everyone else, I was born through the veil,  and I'd forgotten who I was.

For so much of my life, I felt so lonely, no matter what environment I found myself in or who I surrounded myself with. I’d stare up at the sky and write poems to the moon and stars, seeking solace in a place I’d never been to. 

As I embarked on this healing journey, I discovered that all the things that I was programmed to reject—self-pleasure, psychedelics, astrology, tarot—soon became the tools that helped me bring me back home to God—to myself. 

We are cosmic beings bigger than this human body.

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Client Love

"Astrology is like a completely different language to me - I know enough to get by, but once you start talking about Stelliums and Midheavens and which house your Chiron is in… I’m lost and start looking around for a translator. 

Ruth has a beautiful style of explaining all of the ins and outs of your chart, in a way that anyone can understand. Sitting with her was the first time I felt comfortable enough to ask questions, and after our session, I felt like I FINALLY understand myself from an astrological perspective. 

She has an intuitive connection to the stars and did a wonderful job showing how all of my planets and placements illustrate who I am, on a soul level. Her insights were not only incredibly accurate, they also gave me a deeper understanding of the soul journey I’m on. 

I highly recommend working with Ruth, especially if you’re looking for another tool to help you along your spiritual path."

- Lauren


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