Join me for a 90-minute guided experience to re-member the myth of Osun, the Yoruba orisa (or goddess) who offers sweet medicine for a bitter world. By the end of our journey together, you will have gathered tangible ways to connect with another face of the Divine Feminine—beyond Venus. 

Just Left Venus presents the mothership's maiden voyage...

Beyond Venus: Voyage to Osun


Exploring Osun's myth: We'll learn about Osun and her importance in the world

Accessing Osun: We'll delve into tangible ways to access Osun, including through astrology, food, + beauty rituals

Learning from Osun: We'll discuss what we can learn from Osun’s myth + how we can apply these lessons to our lives, through journal prompts + sacred exercises

Meeting Osun: I'll guide you through a meditation to activate and awaken your inner Osun

Blast off with me for $22!

Osun, goddess of sweet waters, is the source of all life in this world. Without her, plants wouldn’t bear fruit + children wouldn’t be born. Her beauty overflows like the rivers under her domain. But don’t be fooled—her àse or power isn’t just love + light…

Hers is a love that creates AND destroys for the greater good. Disrespect her and suffer the consequences

Osun knows her power and will not tolerate anyone who cannot see what she sees. Ask for forgiveness and you MAY get back into her good graces 

Osun can destroy life through hurricanes, floods, tsunamis…But she can also heal through her cooling waters

Without water, how can we survive? In that same vein, without honoring your creative feminine energy, there can be no life.

Tired of hearing about the same goddesses over and over again?

Meet Osun, YORUBA Goddess of Love

Meet, awaken, + activate your inner Osun to let your magic flooooow 💦 The world needs it.

Watch beyoncé channel osun in her video for "hold up"

Oshun "is the unbridled eroticism of nature. She is the power of attraction that causes a particle and a wave to interact with each other. She is why atoms and molecules hold together. She is why plants entwine their roots and animals make mating calls to each other...the sweet moisture of the Earth is the essence of Oshun. Nothing can be done on this planet without her."
-Yeye Luisah Teish, Osun Priestess

Desiring more ease + flow in expressing emotion, creativity, + love

Wishing to explore other mythologies outside of the mainstream

Seeking to meet, awaken, + activate the goddess within to invite in more feminine energy

This voyage is for those...

Um, “awaken the goddess within”? I'm a man/don't identify as a woman...can I still attend?

To be honest, this was a weird conversation, but I'm so down to embark on this voyage with you! How do I register?

What makes you qualified anyway? There’s so much info out there. Why would I pay when I could just Google?

Purchase the video here. You'll get a confirmation email with the link to the video.

See you on the other side 🖖🏿


Hmm ok…I’m not black/African. Will it be awkward if I come?

Yes! We all have masculine and feminine energies within us. I’d even argue that you’d benefit even more from meeting the goddess if connecting with your feminine energy doesn’t come easily to you. Ultimately, if you’ve read this far and something resonates, follow your intuition—Osun is probably calling you. 

Why are you calling this a voyage? Will we actually be traveling anywhere?

Yes, we’ll be traveling…dimensions! We’ll journey further into ourselves (innerspace if you will) to meet and awaken the goddess within. Also, words like “workshop” (I dislike anything with the word work in it) and “masterclass” don’t turn me on, so we’re rocking with “voyage.”  🚀

Only if you make it awkward 😜…Kidding! Just show the proper respect. Again, I’ll echo my answer from above: if you’re resonating with my and/or Osun’s energy, there’s probably a reason. Use your discernment and follow your heart.

Go ahead and Google away—you’ll be missing out on this gushy Ruth/Just Left Venus energy 💁🏿‍♀️👽🧚🏿‍♀️ 👩🏿‍🚀

I co-created this experience with Osun. My unique blend of insights into astrology, metaphysics, art, sex, culture, history, and magic, will make this a truly Venusian experience to start or deepen your relationship with the goddess. 

For all you astro nerds 🤓, I have a 3rd house/Virgo stellium, which means I’m exceptional at pulling information from disparate sources, filtering it through my brain, and presenting the final product to you with a pretty + sexy bow on top 🎁 My mind is a prism and this just a more intimate way you’ll get to experience it 🌈


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